Patient and Family FAQ

How long will I have to say in the hospital?

An average length of stay in our hospital is X to X days, but your length of stay depends on your specific needs and the recommendations of your treatment team.

Who will take care of me while I am in the hospital?

Our staff consists of doctors, nurses, therapists, and technicians. They are identified on a board across from the nurse’s station.

How often will I see my doctor?

A doctor will see you within 24 hours of your admission, and at least three times a week.

How often will I see my therapist?

You can expect to meet with your therapist on an individual basis once or twice a week, and you may participate in group therapy activities daily.

What about medications?

Our staff will explain what medications you will be taking, and why you need them. If you have any questions about your medications, just ask one of our registered nurses for assistance. If you think you may need medication, please speak to your nurse.

Will I have input in my treatment?

We consider your input important.  We encourage you to discuss your needs and concerns with members of our treatment team, and we also invite you to express your opinions.

Will I have a private room?

Our accommodations are semi-private, so you can expect to have a roommate. If there is any problem with your room, please notify the nursing staff.

Will I need to attend group sessions?

Group sessions are structured to assist you in dealing with the issues that brought you into the hospital. Attendance is strongly encouraged.

Will my family be involved in my treatment?

Each Saturday from 2:30pm to 3:30pm our professional staff conducts a family group. This is an opportunity to learn about your treatment program and your recovery process. Spouses, parents, siblings, and children over 18 are strongly encouraged to attend. Your treatment team may also recommend marital or family sessions with your therapist. These will be scheduled at a mutually convenient time.

Will I be able to have a pass while I am in the hospital?

In most cases, passes are not permitted during your stay.

How much will insurance pay for my treatment?

Individual coverage varies based on your policy. Our business office representative will be happy to answer any questions you or your family have regarding your coverage and financial responsibility.

What should I do if I have a complaint?

If you have any complaints about our services, please notify your therapist or a nurse immediately. If your complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction, then there is a grievance process available to you. If you have any questions, the staff will be more than willing to assist you in the process.

Is there a telephone in my room?

Pay telephones for incoming and outgoing calls are available near the nurse’s station. You may use these during times when therapy sessions are not in progress. The telephone numbers for people to contact you are:

(918) 437-9860 or (918) 437-9863

We ask that you limit phone calls to 5-10 minutes so that other patients will have an opportunity to use the phone.

Should I bring spending money?

Please do not bring expensive jewelry, credit cards, checks, or large amounts of cash when you arrive. Although we have a limited capacity to secure your valuables, we cannot be responsible for lost items.

Will I be allowed to smoke in the hospital?

By law, smoking is not permitted in the hospital. Patients are allowed to smoke outside on the patio during scheduled times. Smoking is not permitted after 10:30 pm or before 6:30 am. For safety reasons, patients are not permitted to keep matches or lighters.

What are the meal times?

Meals are served during the following times:

Breakfast: 8 am to 8:30 am

Lunch: 12 pm to 12:30 pm

Dinner: 5 pm to 5:30 pm

In addition to the above meals, the dietary department provides snacks. Due to health laws, we ask that you and your family refrain from bringing snacks into the hospital.

Can I have visitors while I am in the hospital?

Yes, we encourage visitation from your friends and family. Visitation must occur on the unit, and during the following hours:

Wednesday and Friday: 6pm to 7:30pm

Saturday: 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm

Sunday: 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm

Special visitations may be permitted by your therapist.

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