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By On November 19th, 2016

Shield Your Marriage

Written by Lydia D’Ross, Ordained Minister and Outreach Chaplain for RENEWAL at Brookhaven Hospital Many pastors quit their calling early for many reasons. Barna reports that  “Most pastors (57%) and youth pastors (64%) admit they have struggled with porn, either currently or in the past.” Barna further said, ” 87% of pastors who use porn…


By On April 20th, 2016

Is Mental Illness A Spiritual Illness?

Written by Lydia D’Ross, Ordained Minister and Outreach Chaplain for RENEWAL at Broookhaven Hospital Grof and Grof describe it as a spiritual emergency “…a crisis of the evolution of consciousness – a time when I experienced the highs of spiritual awareness and the lows of spiritual disconnection.” [1990] Everyone has a different experience of their…


By On July 8th, 2015

The Semicolon Movement: Your Story Continues

The semicolon is a punctuation mark that indicates there is more that is yet to unfold.  Why are photos of people with semicolon tattoos popping up on social media?  It is part of a movement to inspire individuals struggling with depression, suicidal thoughts or loss, addiction and self-injury to let the rest of their story…


By On June 26th, 2014

What Christians Should Know About Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety are reaching epidemic levels within the United States. It is estimated that 10 percent of all adults report experiencing depression at some point in their lives, and 18 percent will experience anxiety. Yet, these mental health issues are two of the most commonly dismissed mental illnesses in society. The problem lies in…


By On April 22nd, 2014

Rick Warren seeks to remove stigma from mental illness

Many of us know Rick Warren as the founding pastor at Saddleback church, author of “Purpose Driven Life,” and now the leader for a new initiative to help treat those with mental illness.  Working with his local Roman Catholic Diocese and the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), his mission is to increase the awareness…


By On March 17th, 2014

How Religion Helps Your Brain

While the response to mental illness from within the Christian community hasn’t always been the best, the Church often gets portrayed in an excessively bad light. There are many who will even try to tell you that organized religions like Christianity are outright bad for your mental health. They couldn’t be more wrong. It is…


By On December 4th, 2013

Religious Coping Improves The Outcomes of Psychiatric Patients

While some counselors and psychiatrists suggest a nonreligious approach to mental health management and treatment, researchers have confirmed what Christian Counselors have long know to be true; religious coping can significantly improve the outcomes for individuals seeking short-term treatment for psychiatric illness. The findings come from a study undertaken by Harvard Medical School researchers at…


By On October 30th, 2013

The Appropriate Christian Approach in Dispelling Mental Illness

With the many stresses that we encounter in the world today, there are many who are weak in the spirit who may suffer from mental illness. Conventional treatment of mental illness involves the possible use of psychoactive drugs, and psychotherapy. In a recent post by LifeWay Research they said “A third of Americans – and nearly half…


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