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By On August 8th, 2013

Can an App Help You With Mental Stress?

We live in an age where there seems to literally be an app for anything you desire. Whether you want to check the day’s weather, shop, play games, or need GPS, you will always be able to find what you need in the app store. While there are plenty of entertaining apps, there are also…


By On April 15th, 2013

Helping Churches Prepare For Mental Health Support

Mental health affects a huge portion of our population, and many of those suffering turn to their religious clergy rather than mental health professionals. Yet, churches don’t seem to be well equipped to properly counsel or even direct these individuals to proper treatment. According to a recent study by Baylor University Professor of Psychology, Dr. Matthew Stanford,…


By On April 12th, 2013

Ways To Offer Support To Those Dealing With Suicidal Impulses

In the wake of the tragic death of Matthew Warren, son of internationally known pastor Rick Warren, the Christian Counseling community, myself included, have been practically unable to avoid discussing the mental health issues that lead to his untimely passing, especially depression. What I have avoided until now, was discussing dealing with suicidal feelings or…


By On April 10th, 2013

How The Church Can Handle Depression

Depression is a hot topic for Christians suddenly, after rather tragic events over the weekend. Faced with the reality of how depression can tear apart family, drag down a person with a promising future, and sometimes lead to a life cut short too soon. Understanding how to offer proper support both personally and as a…


By On April 2nd, 2013

Does The Bible Offer A Treatment For Personality Disorders?

Personality disorders are heavy weights placed on the shoulders of individuals that are often unaware they are even struggling with a disorder. Personality disorders are rigid, ingrained patterns of thoughts or behaviors that break from the expected behaviors of society. The disruptive patterns are usually deeply rooted by late adolescence and they can cause problems…


By On March 4th, 2013

Do Men and Women Sin Differently?

Statistics indicate that men and women do commit crime differently. More specifically, men are much more likely to commit crime or be incarcerated. This leads the writer for Mental Health Grace Alliance’s blog to ask, do men and women sin differently? They believe men and women do sin differently, but they also argue that the…


By On February 28th, 2013

A Biblical Perspective On Anxiety

Despite what some contemporary psychologists say, anxiety is not a new problem brought on by a fast-paced technologically modern society. In fact, anxiety stretches back to biblical times, as Mental Health Grace Alliance point out on their blog. Heightened anxiety is discussed throughout the bible including passages directly referencing it in Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes,…


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