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By On February 19th, 2016

RENEWAL Devotional: Are You Making Mountains Out of Molehills?

Written by Lydia D’Ross, Ordained Minister and Outreach Chaplain for RENEWAL at Brookhaven Hospital Molehills are created in our lives when we stay on the same destructive road year after year. Molehills can turn into a mountain over time. Whatever mountain stands in your way today, whether it is depression, anxiety, the disease of addiction…


By On January 23rd, 2016

For Better or Worse: Investing in Your Marriage

We all want to a have a fairytale marriage with a house and a white picket fence. When engaged couples say their wedding vows “for better or for worse”, not many seem to take that vow seriously.  Are we expected to have a perfect marriage because we practice the Christian faith?  Shaunti Feldhahn says in…


By On January 3rd, 2015

An Unbroken Champion of Faith

Written by: Lydia D’Ross, Renewal Program Outreach Chaplain and ordained minister Recently, I went to see the movie “Unbroken” directed by Angelina Jolie-Pitt version about the extraordinary life of Louis Zamperini.   The film left out the most important chapter on how Zamperini met Christ.  The film shares a story of an American hero whose life…


By On December 20th, 2014

Don’t be Enslaved by your Baggage

Written by: Lydia D’Ross, Renewal Program Outreach Chaplain and ordained minister Did you marry your baggage or your spouse? When two people get married, they also marry each other’s baggage, till death do us part.  In most cases, it is not the baggage in the marriage that kills it, but the lack of communication. Sometimes…


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