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By On March 28th, 2017

Do Chaplains Suffer From Stress?

Author: Lydia D’Ross, Brookhaven Hospital, Renewal Program Outreach Chaplain   Chaplains feel that it is a honor to serve their emergency personnel, that they feel that they are representing “God” within them, in the face of different types of daily challenges. Chaplains understand that in the law enforcement community the level of stress is much…


By On June 6th, 2014

Christians Also Feel Discouragement and Disappointment

Discouragement and disappointment are emotions that weigh down most human beings at one time or another, and Christians are not excluded from this.  Discussed below are four cases from the Bible that show how Christians got their fair share of these emotions.  Hopefully, it will provide you with some inspiration to face whatever discouraging situation…


By On March 15th, 2014

Does Your Church Have An Eating Disorder?

How To Address Christian Teens Suffering From Eating Disorders It is alarming to take note that teenagers are at high risk of suffering from eating disorders. In the recent survey from the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa And Associated Disorders, one half of teenagers use unhealthy weight control habits like fasting, vomiting, skipping meals and taking…


By On February 28th, 2013

Christians and Mental Health

Mental health problems are rapidly increasing today, and it is experienced by one out of four individuals. People suffer from different mental problems which include depression and anxiety. For us Christians, mental well-being is associated with faith and closeness to God. We believe that despite everything, “the Holy Spirit who guides us” will never forsake…


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