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By On September 18th, 2014

Is PTSD Possible Within Biblical Doctrine? Biblical Scholars Say Yes

While the church is making progress on recognizing and providing support to those who experience mental illness, there is still a great amount of work to be done. PTSD has faced recent struggles with being appropriately recognized within the Christian community, especially as numerous evangelists have proclaimed that “Good Christians” can’t experience post-traumatic stress disorder…


By On July 8th, 2014

How Do Christians Approach Bipolar Disorder?

While there are Christian approaches to treating and managing every mental illness, some pose more difficulties and face more misunderstandings than others. For example, though depression may still face stigma and poor understanding of the condition, mental illnesses like bipolar disorder offer less stability and receive even less understanding. Nonetheless, there are many Christian resources…


By On June 26th, 2014

What Christians Should Know About Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety are reaching epidemic levels within the United States. It is estimated that 10 percent of all adults report experiencing depression at some point in their lives, and 18 percent will experience anxiety. Yet, these mental health issues are two of the most commonly dismissed mental illnesses in society. The problem lies in…


By On May 30th, 2014

The Evolving Relationship Between Mental Health Care and Traditional Religion

The relationship between Christian counseling and secular psychiatry is often presented as being characterized by conflict. In recent years, this misperception is slowly changing, but there are still many who believe traditional religion and secular psychiatry cannot co-exist. The conflict between these two counseling methods was very real decades ago, but these days most Christian…


By On March 17th, 2014

How Religion Helps Your Brain

While the response to mental illness from within the Christian community hasn’t always been the best, the Church often gets portrayed in an excessively bad light. There are many who will even try to tell you that organized religions like Christianity are outright bad for your mental health. They couldn’t be more wrong. It is…


By On December 4th, 2013

Religious Coping Improves The Outcomes of Psychiatric Patients

While some counselors and psychiatrists suggest a nonreligious approach to mental health management and treatment, researchers have confirmed what Christian Counselors have long know to be true; religious coping can significantly improve the outcomes for individuals seeking short-term treatment for psychiatric illness. The findings come from a study undertaken by Harvard Medical School researchers at…


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