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By On September 12th, 2013

What are the Warning Signs of Spiritual Abuse?

Yesterday I wrote the tragedy of spiritual abuse and how it is able to occur within the church. While there are an uncountable number of churches preaching the love of God and following his word, there will always be those who corrupt even the most pure of ministries and those who are corrupted by the…


By On September 11th, 2013

What Is Spiritual Abuse?

Allegations of abuse of power within the church happen much more than we would like. We would all like to think all churches are perfect sanctuaries where all are safe. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Abuse happens in all sorts of churches around the world for numerous reasons and the only way to stop…


By On August 7th, 2013

How Can the Church Face the Loneliness Epidemic?

Despite the prevalence of social networks and the constant ability to text or call our friends, a new report suggests that Americans are more isolated and lonely then ever. More than ever we may be able to interact with others, but it seems we can’t actually connect with each other. “As a nation, we are…


By On July 16th, 2013

The Most Commonly Misunderstood Facts About Depression

Depression is a huge problem in our modern society. The mental disorder drags down over five percent of the population, and many suffer in silence until the disease is tearing apart their mind and relationships. Yet, depression is also one of the most misunderstood mental conditions. Some wonder why a depressed person won’t “just cheer…


By On June 27th, 2013

Using The Bible To Help Cope With Anxiety Disorders

All of us have felt anxiety at some point or another, but at any given time close to one in five Americans over the age of 18 are suffering from some form of anxiety disorder, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. When lasting anxiety begins to control a person’s life or clearly impact…


By On May 28th, 2013

Better Sleep Habits Improve Self-Control

We face temptations every day, and often we cave to them. These temptations obviously range from minor negative choices such as eating a candy bar instead of getting something healthy or neglecting exercise, to real sins that are as harmful to our relationship with God as they are to our relationships with friends and family.…


By On April 15th, 2013

Helping Churches Prepare For Mental Health Support

Mental health affects a huge portion of our population, and many of those suffering turn to their religious clergy rather than mental health professionals. Yet, churches don’t seem to be well equipped to properly counsel or even direct these individuals to proper treatment. According to a recent study by Baylor University Professor of Psychology, Dr. Matthew Stanford,…


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