Eating Disorders

Christian Eating Disorders Treatment

Everybody faces difficult times. When you struggle with an eating disorder, it’s common for life to seem empty and not worth living. It’s easy to lose faith and feel that God has abandoned you. Many individuals with eating disorders seek help only to find themselves in a vicious cycle of recovery and relapse. Sometimes recovery requires something more. That’s why we’ve created a program designed to not only strengthen your mind and body, but also strengthen your relationship with God.

At Brookhaven Hospital’s RENEWAL: Christian Treatment and Recovery program, we understand that getting help for anorexia can sometimes feel impossible. Many programs can provide treatment for your eating disorder, but they may fail to acknowledge your deeper, spiritual needs. Along with offering you advanced anorexia treatment, RENEWAL incorporates your faith into your recovery process. Our faith-based approach provides a compassionate atmosphere that helps patients and their families find their way to healthier, happier lives.

The PATHWAY program for Eating Disorders Treatment works conjointly with the resources available in the RENEWAL program to incorporate a Christian spiritual component into the therapeutic process. By bringing together the physicians, therapists, nurses, dietitian and RENEWAL Chaplains the program can offer the best opportunity for creating positive and lasting change.

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