By On April 22nd, 2019

Want What You Have

There’s not necessarily a problem in wanting something. But if that—or any—desire begins to dominate our thinking, we’re headed down a dangerous path. Ive been there. I’ve wanted better cars, a bigger house, more pay, almost toward infinitude. None of that desire or thinking of itself has ever produced happiness, peace, or any of the…


By On April 18th, 2019

Pain is a Signal

While pain always feels bad, it isn’t always a bad thing. The late Dr Paul Brand, missionary physician, was born and did much of his groundbreaking work in India. He is renowned for treating leprosy. Most of us who know a little about that disease think it causes limbs to die. Not true: what leprosy…


By On April 14th, 2019


Some people seem to be itching for a fight.  Not infrequently, fights occur between groups who’ve been taught to hate whatever the other group is. If you asked them, they might have no idea what started the conflict in the first place.  What things are worth fighting for, and what things aren’t worth the fight?…


By On April 10th, 2019

Healing Hurts

What do we mean by fairness? There isn’t really one standard. We usually tie it in as something we deserve. But it’s not so easy to accurately define what is fair. Our courts are crowded with law suits in which all sides are arguing that something is unfair.  While I believe in fighting for what…


By On April 6th, 2019


I had a dear friend in the congregation I was serving forty years ago. Her name was Gertrude and she had served as a missionary in Japan for decades before I met her. At the time I met her she was already in her 80s (she lived into her nineties).  One day, she suffered a…


By On March 31st, 2019

Maximum Load

When you drive on major highways you’ll frequently see signs regarding maximum load bearing strength. Our roads are made with a maximum weight they can bear without beginning to wear down or break down. They also need regular maintenance to continue to bear those loads.  So it is with us. There are physical, and emotional…


By On March 28th, 2019

Furry Blessings

One of the wonderful parts of God’s creation is the animal kingdom. And within that kingdom are the animals that our ancient ancestors domesticated. Many of us have had pets that were and are important in our lives.  I grew up with all kinds of pets and quasi-pets: chickens, a goat, tortoises, fish, birds, and…


By On March 23rd, 2019

More Than Religiosity

Some think that bring a Christian means you must become a more religious person. I almost have to say this, because it could be misunderstood, but I don’t see much value in just becoming more religious—at least as most define it. What I’m interested in for me and you is for us to become more…


By On March 21st, 2019


Do you think that “holy” means “religious”?  Most people do. That’s where the concept of “holier-than-thou” comes from. This understanding of the word creates a lot of negativity. It makes us think of people who are falsely pious so that the use of the word has been turned into a harsh criticism of religious people. …


By On March 17th, 2019


I’ve been proud of particular accomplishments, of my family, and of my church. I think such pride is a reasonable thing. But there is a kind of pride that is sinful and harmful. It is a pride that replaces love with an attitude of arrogance.  It comes when we think better of ourselves than others.…


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