By On August 17th, 2018

Good News

Many people treat their faith as a very private thing. Certainly, faith is very personal. It’s not something we’d speak of glibly or offhand. Yet some Christians speak so rarely about it that it is truly hidden from others. Christian faith is a missionary faith. Today, missionaries are thought of almost exclusively as professionals, laboring…


By On August 12th, 2018

The Inner Voice

I’ve inherited my family’s hearing loss. I have to say that the silence is often golden. I have hearing aids and, as most do, I’ve experienced the fact that they help hearing loss, but really don’t make up for it. I have to work at hearing. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It would do…


By On August 6th, 2018


We live in an incredibly frenetic society. The latest thing always seems to supplant the stuff that was best just a year ago. We always seem to be in a rush to whatever the “next thing” is before us. Sometimes rushing is necessary as deadlines dictate. But it is also necessary to slow down. Think…


By On July 30th, 2018

Back to Church

Church attendance in our country is in decline, yet the number of those who say they believe is not declining at the same rate. That means that some of us, still believers, don’t see the church as important or necessary. Another reason is that some have been hurt by their experiences in the church. In…


By On July 25th, 2018

A Balanced Diet

Good nutrition is required to keep us healthy and strong. The best diet is to eat good food, cutting back junk food at a gradual pace until you are used to better food. You’re more likely then to be stronger and healthier. Our hearts and minds need nutritious input, as well as our bodies.  We…


By On July 18th, 2018

Nurture Your Spirit

When we talk about physical health we have concrete ideas about what it takes to be healthy. Regular visits to your physician, having a good diet, and exercise are among the things we know are necessary to maintain health. In a similar way, so it is with our spiritual health. First—belong to a community of…


By On July 15th, 2018


“Love means never having to say you’re sorry” is a line from an old movie. I respectfully disagree. It’s usually the people we love most to whom we need to say, “I’m sorry.” Saying you’re sorry can be difficult. Not saying you’re sorry will make things more difficult. Pride gets in the way, particularly, it…


By On July 10th, 2018


  Have you ever wanted something so much you could almost taste it? When you get it, you’re temporarily satisfied, perhaps even elated. But it doesn’t take long for the feeling to pass.  The problem is not with the achievement but with how we value it. Things that we want will never satisfy our deepest…


By On July 4th, 2018


Going on our own as a nation is what we celebrate this day. But our Declaration of Independence sets out that we’re not really on our own. Our nation, as stated in our Declaration of Independence, was founded under God, and the rights of all men and women are derived from the Creator, not the…


By On July 1st, 2018

Many leave home for a vacation this time of year. Such breaks are necessary for regeneration and restoration. The daily pattern of what we do can numb us. The lack of new vistas and new experiences can stifle the creative spirit.  You don’t have to leave home for a vacation, though. There are ways of…


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