Substance Abuse

If you struggle with substance abuse, one of the greatest challenges to overcome can be breaking the cycle of addiction. Maintaining sobriety requires putting yourself on a healthier path and cutting ties with people who support substance abuse and addictive behavior.

Sometimes treatment in one’s home community can be risky. It can be difficult to cut old ties and, as they say: old habits die hard. Brookhaven Hospital’s Christian drug rehab program can allow you to have the space and security you need to recover. By involving God in your recovery process, you can gain the strength you need to live substance-free.

Substance Abuse Behavior

Addiction is serious, and turns life into a daily struggle. No matter what substance you are addicted to, it is easy to lose control. Individuals who are addicted to a substance often find themselves living for that substance, at the expense of their personal and professional relationships. People who face chemical dependency often exhibit erratic behavior that can alienate family members and loved ones.

Chemical Dependency Symptoms

Symptoms of chemical dependency vary depending on the substance. Here are a few common symptoms for various chemical dependencies:


Prescription Drugs



Christian Treatment Programs

When you participate in RENEWAL, you’re part of something much bigger than just yourself. You’re part of a powerful support system based on professional medical care, compassionate understanding and years of proven experience.

Each person involved in the RENEWAL program will receive biblically-based guidance and support from other Christians. The RENEWAL program brings together a highly professional behavioral health team and devoted hospital chaplains to assist you to create a mind, body and spiritual recovery.

Hope is on the horizon. Chemical dependency can’t be cured through will power alone. Treatment requires a nurturing, healthy environment. Brookhaven Hospital’s RENEWAL program is designed to revitalize you, and give you the strength you need to stay healthy for a lifetime.

Life changing results are possible! Call 888-298-4673 or request a free assessment today. The call will be kept strictly confidential.

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