Bipolar Disorder

Life is full of ups and downs. It’s only natural to experience mood swings. However, for those suffering with bipolar disorder, emotions can seem like an out-of-control rollercoaster ride. Bipolar disorder is characterized by cycles of manic episodes, in which an individual feels wired and irritable, and depressive episodes, in which life seems sad and hopeless. These drastic changes in mood and energy can take a serious toll on the affected individual’s physical and psychological health. Without proper treatment, bipolar disorder can be debilitating for life. But it is entirely treatable.

At Brookhaven Hospital’s: RENEWAL Christian Treatment program, we understand that asking for help can be a difficult step. While many programs are equipped to offer you medical and psychological help, few programs address your deeper spiritual needs. In addition to offering you advanced bipolar disorder treatment, RENEWAL incorporates your faith into your recovery process. We offer compassionate, faith-based care designed to strengthen your mind, body and spirit.

The Manic Phase

The manic phase of bipolar disorder is characterized by excessive amounts of energy, restlessness and extreme irritability. Some other signs and symptoms include:

The Depressive Phase

The manic phase of bipolar disorder is only temporary. In time, the affected individual will enter a depressive phase. During this period, the affected individual’s mood and energy level can appear to be the polar opposite of their manic phases. The depression can manifest in a number of ways including:

The ups and downs associated with bipolar disorder can make it difficult to maintain jobs, friendships and romantic relationships. You might feel helpless, but with the right guidance and care, bipolar disorder is completely treatable.

About the RENEWAL program

Brookhaven’s RENEWAL program provides an integrated approach for individuals seeking treatment of behavioral health disorders as well as people with a “dual diagnosis” based on meeting the spiritual and psychological needs of the person within a comprehensive, results-oriented treatment program.

The program begins with a spiritual assessment which allows us to help you identify the issues which are barriers to your satisfying relationship with God and enable you to incorporate a spiritual dimension into the recovery process and your life after Brookhaven.

At Brookhaven Hospital’s RENEWAL program, we understand that sometimes medical treatment isn’t enough. We provide comprehensive, faith-based care designed to treat the whole person. In addition to the full behavioral treatment program at Brookhaven Hospital, we offer the following spiritual services:

The Experience of Past Patients

Our 2011 study found that 87% of patients surveyed would recommend Brookhaven Hospital based on the RENEWAL program.  88% felt that the staff was available to help them meet their spiritual needs.

In the words of one patient, “The RENEWAL program has helped me refocus my life and reminded me about the things that really matter.”

Christian Treatment Programs

When you participate in RENEWAL, you’re part of something much bigger than just yourself. You’re part of a powerful support system based on professional medical care, compassionate understanding and years of proven experience.

Each person involved in the RENEWAL program will receive biblically-based guidance and support from other Christians. The RENEWAL program brings together a highly professional behavioral health team and devoted hospital chaplains to assist you to create a mind, body and spiritual recovery.

Hope is on the horizon. Bipolar disorder treatment requires a supportive, healthy environment. Brookhaven Hospital’s RENEWAL program is designed to revitalize you, and give you the strength you need to stay healthy for a lifetime.

Life changing results are possible! Call 888-298-4673 or request a free assessment today. The call will be kept strictly confidential.

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