Client Testimonials

I wish to thank you for letting me stay in the house when I had no place to go - it offered me a transition from hospital to life during which I experienced break through and learned skills that have made all the difference in recovery.
- Ginny A.
To all the staff at Brookhaven: I'd like to thank each of you for all your support, care and concern during my stay. I will always appreciate you as well as lift you up in prayer. May God bless and keep you all.
- Mark S.
I have heartfelt gratitude for the care and counseling our son received at Brookhaven. Yesterday was his 36th birthday and he continues to do very well. Please convey our deepest thanks to the other staff.
- Nick C
To the staff on the Brookhaven unit, Thanks for all the support and help! You gave me the best experience of my life! Again, Thanks!
- Rex L.
You're wonderful. Thank you for your wonderful help. This has been a thoroughly wonderful experience.
- Jimmy C.
I wanted to thank you. Whether doing paper work, dealing with noisy people in group, or helping me face what I didn't want to or feared to face, each of you played a role in getting me sober and I truly appreciate it.
- Lisa L.
Thanks to all the physicians and staff at Brookhaven for the care you gave and special thanks to Jeff McIlroy, MD, for providing the letter of necessity we needed.
- Erma T.
I want to thank everyone at Brookhaven for helping me restore me. I would really recommend your facility to anyone else I know or even a stranger. All of your staff are so gentle with everyone and really seemed to understand what I go through on a daily basis. If I ever should stumble too far again, I know where I will return for help.
- Jodi J.
I am stronger and getting better with each new day. Thank you all for your kindness and helping me though a difficult time. I hope you all well and thank you all for your support! I will pray for all of you as and all the clients. God Bless.
- Mary J.
Thank you! Everyone was so kind and caring with just the right amount of professionalism. The staff that came in at 6am were so gentle and polite. The techs were very supportive and helpful. All the counselors were so informative.
- Kate C.
Thank you all the staff at Brookhaven for my wonderful stay.
- Eric T.
I'm proud to say today is day 12 with no self-harm. I actually used the tools I had been given. I got to see them working in the real world. Thank you! I remember what it feels like to be me again.
- Larry V.
I would like to express my appreciation to this establishment and the great staff here. The staff at Brookhaven are bright shining stars and excellent listeners who provide healthy feedback.
- Penny P.
Thank you for your precious time. To the staff at Brookhaven: I found it but I have to find it everyday. That way I can't lose it.
- Sarah M.
Dear Brookhaven, day, night and bedtime staff: I went there at the beginning of the year or near it. I really learned a lot and being there helped me in my life. Ya'll are wonderful people. Keep up the good work. I really miss you all a lot.
- Ken P.
Thank you for being such a great staff. You have all been such a great help and a lot of fun to be around. Bless you all.
- Brittney H.
I just wanted to thank you for making a place for people to come and get help. It has changed my life so much. Seven years of pain is gone. You have the greatest staff and I love the chapel and all the classes!
- Karen G.
To be honest, I'm not sure there are words to let you know just how grateful I am, but here goes anyway. I entered your hospital a broken man. Afraid and confused, I had no idea how I got to the low point I was in. From the moment I walked through your door, I was treated with kindness and respect. It was obvious to me that the staff and doctors were there for more than just a paycheck. I will never forget the doctors, nurses, the techs and even the cooks. I feel strong and have a plan for a functional healthy life and I am confident no one will ever see me the way I walked into your hospital again.
- Craig D.
Dear Staff. My family and I would like to thank you for the help you gave us during the loss of my mother.
- Bobby B.
I just wanted to let you know how much I was blessed during my stay at Brookhaven. I learned a lot. The staff were kind and professional. I would recommend Brookhaven to anyone needing such a specialty hospital.
- Cindy C.
When I got here I was scared and sick from low blood sugar. I was easily confused. But thanks to the staff at Brookhaven, I feel much better physically and mentally.
- Buddy H.
I just wanted to say that the staff at Brookhaven saved my life! I've been sober since, and I've never felt better! It has made me want to help people in other ways as well! Thank you all so much and God Bless.
- Kay S.
When I came into your program I was an angry person with a lot of bottled up feelings. Thanks to you and the program I am a better me. The program really works. Thank you all!
- Bob S.
Thank you so much for everything that you have done for us. You have impacted my life more that you will ever know.
- Jessica. S.
Just wanted you all to know how much I admire what you do. You do a wonderful job, a great service. I am very pleased. God Bless all of you.
- Dave C.
Thanks for all your help - I am on day 74 of sobriety and doing exceptionally well.
- Mike M.
When I arrived at the treatment center, I was eating out of control. I am very happy that my decision to trust completely paid off. I am now no longer suffering major depression. The most important thing that I want to share with you is that I am now no longer eating compulsively.
- Robert W.
To all who helped in my recovery: It is a deep heart felt gratitude I have for each and every one. Especially, I want to thank the staff that worked with me. But also thanks to those who were fellow travelers on the road to recovery - smile God loves you. I pray for your health to be restored.
- Roger M.

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