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By On November 9th, 2018

Create Thanks

I’m going to write about thankfulness a few times in the next couple of weeks. I’m interested in being thankful, but I’m more interested in how we can create thankfulness.  I would guess that you have a few people in your history for whom you are truly thankful. This comes from something they did, or…


By On November 4th, 2018

Hope Springs Eternally

Most people sense, believe, or want to believe that there is more to life than just the years we are granted here on Earth. This isn’t something new that came into being with the advance of Christianity, or any other religions. The examples come from as far back as some of the first know examples…


By On October 31st, 2018

All Hallows’ Day

The end of October and the beginning of November contain interest for the Church. Halloween has come on the last day of October for centuries. People held on to superstitions about death that were expressed on Halloween. The belief (coming from pre-Christian beliefs) was that loose spirits of the dead came out on that day,…


By On October 21st, 2018

Memorizing Scripture

Most of us own Bibles; one hopes that we actually read them. Even better than that is to memorize Scripture so that it is always with us. Memorizing takes time, but is worth every bit of that time because Scripture is good for us in so many ways. Let me mention just two of those…


By On October 18th, 2018


Holy means being set apart for a special purpose. It doesn’t mean that one is better than someone else, nor does it mean being “religious” in comparison to anyone else. But we’ve turned it into a work that means ultra religious, even “stuck up” or “holier than thou.” Each of us as Christians has a…


By On October 14th, 2018


When I was training for ministry, I planned to have a dual ministry as a musician and a pastor. Years of working with choirs made this seem to be an obvious direction for my future. The ministry committee that had my future in their hands disagreed, telling me I had to pick pastoring or music.…


By On October 11th, 2018

Take a Break

Sometimes it is just good to take time and enjoy life’s blessings. Life seems all work and no play. We often miss celebrating what’s been done. I have found myself so frequently focused on work that I’ve missed moments of beauty and joy that I’d have experienced if I only took the time to shift…


By On October 7th, 2018


Hope comes when we have something to look forward to. There are loads of material things we can hope for, but I’m speaking of something bigger. Many people have frittered away years in hope of suddenly becoming rich, or becoming famous. Hope is a broader term than simply wanting a thing, event, or status. Key…


By On October 3rd, 2018


When you feel weak is the time when you need to be with others. Sometimes, when we’re despairing that someone isn’t paying attention to us, that person might be in the same emotional space, longing for our presence. Isolation can bring weakness. We are alone, repeatedly visualizing our fears. No one is there to watch…


By On September 30th, 2018

Taking a Stand

Who are your enemies? People you dislike, or vice versa? Is it the other political party? Not really. Aside from armed conflicts, the worst enemies we have are people, ideas, or things that stand between us and doing what is truly right or good. They can range from time wasters to to anger builders. They…


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