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By On February 22nd, 2019

Receiving Forgiveness

Many people are plagued by shame. Sometimes it’s because they’ve done something they’re truly sorry for. Sadly, some people seem to carry a burden of shame that come from oppression and misunderstandings that make them feel that they are worthless.  Perhaps their parents or others imparted that sense.  Regardless of the cause, shame is a…


By On February 18th, 2019

Seeking Beauty

It’s important simply to stop and take in the beauty of God’s creation. There’s a whole lot of beauty to be found if we take the time. Some of it is spectacular, like Yosemite Valley. The first time I saw it I was rendered speechless. Other beauty is close at hand, like a newborn baby…


By On February 14th, 2019

Proclaiming Love

Valentines Day has a long history in our culture. It is good to set aside a special time to celebrate our deepest love. I’ve been in love with my wife for more than fifty years. Instead of our love fading through the years, ours has continued to grow. Key to this is that expressing our…


By On February 10th, 2019

Avoiding Arrogance

I’ve heard people (who should know better) dismiss Christians as hypocrites. I know that some are, as are all of us at one time or another. But there’s a wrong assumption in all of this. Of course the Church contains hypocrites. The Scriptures remind us that “all have sinned, and fall short of the glory…


By On February 6th, 2019

Suffering and Hope

Suffering, to some extent, just comes with life. On the younger side, children have imaginary and literal growing pains. At the older end of life there’s a different kind of suffering from the aches and pains of aging. But it’s not just physical pain that causes suffering.  Disappointment causes suffering. So do medical problems, a…


By On February 1st, 2019

Practice Makes Perfect

When I was a young man I worked as a musician. I remember the many hours spent working out fingerings, practicing and practicing until I could play all the notes smoothly, with no mistakes. Then, and only then, I could work on refining the artistry necessary to play the piece as the composer intended. We…


By On January 28th, 2019

Divine Forgiveness

Many of us carry a burden of guilt. It may be a small, even trivial thing that we regret. In other instances it can be guilt over a terrible wrong that we’ve done. The burden of these are like a recollection that, in small doses, makes us feel slightly sick or, in case of severe…


By On January 22nd, 2019

Setting Aside Time for God

Just like learning a new skill takes time and patience, so does growing in our faith. One thing that can stand in the way of spiritual growth and peace is the fast pace and emotional clutter in our lives. We feel as if we barely make it through a day, only to face an even…


By On January 17th, 2019


One of the things that I truly excel at is putting things off. That means I have to fight it every day. Procrastination is a formula for frustration and failure. The primary emotion created from procrastination is anxiety.  Acting today instead of putting things off is a formula for effectiveness and for peace of mind.…


By On January 14th, 2019

More on Forgiveness

I’m always amazed when I hear of someone so angry at another that they simply cannot or will not forgive them. What they don’t realize is that their residual anger—not matter how justified—is poison to their own souls and lives.  We all know people crippled by anger and resentment for a perceived or real wrong…


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