Our Team

Christians helping Christians. When you participate in RENEWAL, you’re a part of something much bigger than just yourself. You’re in a support system based on professional medical care, compassionate understanding, and years of proven experience.

Rev Don Smith Jr., is the Lead Chaplain for Brookhaven Hospital. As a Licensed and Ordained Minister since 1982, Rev Don has served as Youth Pastor, Worship Leader, and Sr, Pastor in various churches from Coast to Coast. He is currently the Sr. Pastor of a local congregation and frequently leads Bible-Studies and Seminars for other religious organizations. You can reach Rev. Smith Jr. at [email protected]


As part of the RENEWAL program, you’ll meet the following individuals who are ready to help you engage in your daily treatment plan:

Brookhaven residents receive high-quality, continuous care from our team of mental health professionals. Each person involved in your treatment provides Biblically-based guidance. Life-changing results require a nurturing, healthy environment, and that’s one of the many reasons individuals choose the RENEWAL program at Brookhaven Hospital.

For more information, contact us at 888-298-HOPE

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