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Want What You Have

There’s not necessarily a problem in wanting something. But if that—or any—desire begins to dominate our thinking, we’re headed down a dangerous path. Ive been there. I’ve wanted better cars, a bigger house, more pay, almost toward infinitude. None of that desire or thinking of itself has ever produced happiness, peace, or any of the joy I thought things could bring. 

I’ve known people who are paralyzed by want for what they don’t have. “If I just had (full in the blank) I’d be satisfied.” Truth is, not only will you remain dissatisfied, you’ll become burdened. This is because we focus on what we think we lack, rather than the many blessings already around us. 

So, our houses get cluttered, our credit cards maxed out, and little or no joy to show for what we have. 

Not too long ago we moved to a home one-fourth the size of our previous one. It was downsizing for retirement. I thought we divested ourselves of most everything we had, but we still had much more stuff than room for it. What we’d wanted, bought and owned was suddenly transformed from an asset to a burden. 

It has actually been a move toward freedom as we’ve cut down on things while concentrating more on the folks and family we love. 

One of the greatest gifts for life is the capacity to desire what you already have. 

Then [Jesus] said, “Beware! Guard against every kind of greed. Life is not measured by how much you own.”  Luke 12:15

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