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Pain is a Signal

While pain always feels bad, it isn’t always a bad thing. The late Dr Paul Brand, missionary physician, was born and did much of his groundbreaking work in India. He is renowned for treating leprosy. Most of us who know a little about that disease think it causes limbs to die. Not true: what leprosy does, in part, according to Dr. Brand, is to suppress pain. Because of that, lepers cannot feel injuries or infections. There’s no pain to send them for help, so infections set in, ruining their bodies. 

Think about your own life. When you feel a pain it drives you to get help. It’s a vital signal to keep us healthy and intact. Twice in my life I’ve had a severe pain that forced me to seek help immediately, saving my life each time. So pain has a positive, protecting purpose in our lives. We don’t seek pain, but we know it is a signal that we should take action. 

There is something similar with emotional or spiritual pain. When we have emotional or social pain it could be a call to seek someone out or set something wrong to right. It’s not healthy to ignore pain; seek its source to find healing. Prayer and worship are good resources for spiritual physical and emotional pain, as is spending time with other believers. Just don’t ignore it; let its signal move us toward healing. 

My problems go from bad to worse.Oh, save me from them all!Feel my pain and see my trouble.Forgive all my sins.  Psalm 25:17, 18

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