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Furry Blessings

One of the wonderful parts of God’s creation is the animal kingdom. And within that kingdom are the animals that our ancient ancestors domesticated. Many of us have had pets that were and are important in our lives. 

I grew up with all kinds of pets and quasi-pets: chickens, a goat, tortoises, fish, birds, and cats. I took them for granted when I was young. I liked them, but they were just there. As I got older, my attitude changed. They became a real part of my life. 

Not all that long ago, I’d earned the reputation of, at best, a cat tolerator. Our vet once gave me a mechanical cat for Christmas, thinking that was about my speed. Then I began to change. I’d grown up with pets always around me, but I didn’t really identify with them. 

When my body started failing on me, about 20 years ago, all that began to change. I began to spend time with our pet cats (my wife has always made sure that we had a few of them). I began to find out the personally important place that pets have in our lives. They’re there to admire, enjoy, love and share. 

By God’s Grace, even the animal part of His creation can serve to bring joy, peace, lower blood pressure and love to our lives.  A true blessing from this is how we can better understand God’s love for us as we love the creation he put into our care. 

Also take seven pairs of every kind of bird. There must be a male and a female in each pair to ensure that all life will survive on the earth after the flood.   Genesis 7:3

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