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Damaging Lies

Truth has value. You can trust it, plan on it, build relationships on it, and much more. Lies, on the other hand, are valueless, unless you consider negative value. Lies deceive, even including the liar. They can seem to hold some things together for a time but, ultimately, they destroy relationships and reputations. 

One thing few people consider is how lies destroy the liar. Living lies that will usually be discovered destroys reputation and relationships. These are two of the most important aspects of human integrity. Lies reproduce themselves. Even the very act of hiding them produces more lies.  

Lying to yourself is the most insidious form of lying. Eventually it can cause emotional disturbances, confusion, depression and alienation. “Every lie is two lies — the lie we tell others and the lie we tell ourselves to justify it.” (Robert Brault)

Eventually, chronic liars cease even to know themselves. Sometimes the road back to mental, social, and spiritual health can begin by acknowledging our lies and replacing them with truth. 

God’s grace promises that we can be healed of the damage sin does to us. It begins with confessing honestly what we’ve said. Then we can receive the strength to make amends if necessary. 

 Life is so much easier, so much healthier if we tell the truth—first to ourselves and then to others. 

Don’t lie to each other, for you have stripped off your old sinful nature and all its wicked deeds. Put on your new nature, and be renewed as you learn to know your Creator and become like him. Colossians 3:9-10

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