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Practice Makes Perfect

When I was a young man I worked as a musician. I remember the many hours spent working out fingerings, practicing and practicing until I could play all the notes smoothly, with no mistakes. Then, and only then, I could work on refining the artistry necessary to play the piece as the composer intended. We live today in a culture that expects instant results with instant praise. Practice is a tedium to avoid. 

Of course, any discipline, from music to teaching or competent construction work requires time and practice. This is also true spiritually. Familiarity with the Scriptures requires a lot of time reading them. Praying with fluency, ease and confidence comes from regular conversations with the Lord. If all your conversations with friends were requests for help, you’d have a relationship, but probably not a deep one.  A panicked prayer is heard by God, but a true sense of conversation with the Lord develops over months and years. 

Almost any worthwhile thing in life I can think of takes a lot of time and practice. I can usually predict my wife’s preferences without asking her. Fifty years of sharing makes for deep knowledge and understanding. 

Most Christians desire to be closer to God.  I encourage you to do more than just listen to Scriptures read in church, or just rely on your pastor’s prayers. Do you want to become a stronger Christian? Begin to take time every day if possible, and at a regular time each day, to read God’s Word and speak with Him. 

I will praise you every day; yes, I will praise you forever. Psalm 145:2

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