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If you think that you’re God’s gift to humanity, it won’t be true until you give yourself away. The best gift you can give is yourself, which is exactly what Jesus did for us. We don’t have to die—just be there for someone.

I used to look for the newest and best gift to give to a friend. It got expensive sometimes (I have a lot of friends). I’ve received some pretty cool gifts myself. As I’ve aged, though, most of the old presents lie broken, lost, forgotten. But not the people themselves. I call, write, and visit when I can. These beloved friends seem closer now than they did in high school, college, and later.

I also remember those who were “sort of” friends. People who only wrote when they got a job promotion. People who never wrote or called even to answer a letter just because we were friends, or so I thought. Sometimes, the best way you can tell who are friends is by them initiating a call, or checking on you when you’re going through hard times

Just this last week, an old friend from my California college days simply dropped by. I’ve kept contact, but hadn’t seen him face-to-face for about 40 years. We easily picked up as if we’d never left off. What a blessing!

It’s ironic that those who think they’re God’s gift to humanity never give themselves but expect everyone else to give something to them. But we don’t have to be that person. A phone call, letter, email—or a visit—can be more precious than gold!

“Anyone who withholds kindness from a friend
forsakes the fear of the Almighty. Job 6:14

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