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The Heavens Declare

I’ve been an avid amateur astronomer since my teen years. I remember the first time I saw Saturn’s rings through my small telescope. I was hooked! I could only imagine the awe the first astronomers must of felt as the discovered that the bright, moving star called Jupiter was actually a planet with moons. Seeing the craters on the moon for the first time through my own scope awakened a joy within me that lasts to this day.

The literal beauty of the cosmos awakened in me a profound sense of the glory of God, as well as a heartfelt thanksgiving for the beauty of what I was seeing. Before telescopes, most thought of the skies as a twinkling ceiling, not aware of the beauty we would see when we all saw the first Hubble photographs.

We who live in cities sadly see little of the beauty of the skies. We should take our kids to a high mountain on a clear night to let them really see what God has made.

Through the years I’ve advanced in amateur astronomy, getting successively larger telescopes as I could afford them. Then I began to take photos (nothing like Hubble, but important to me). These photos remind me that God is greater than the entire known universe. After all, he created it.

Millenia ago, King David wrote the following, perhaps after he’d spent the smog less night staring at the stars. “The heavens declare the glory of God,and the sky above proclaims his handiwork.” Psalm 19:1

Astrophoto by Tom Gray

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