By On September 9th, 2018

Too Much Stuff

Our culture is filled with those who have more than is needed (including me). What starts with pleasure can become the burden of clutter, not to mention the cost of getting all that stuff. Storage businesses thrive, holding what we can no longer cram into our closets and garages.

We don’t intend to build a burden of “stuff,” yet even as we can overeat, we can over-own. Whereas the first can make us uncomfortable for a couple of hours, the latter can create a lifetime burden. It also robs our future as money that could create a financially secure retirement is essentially replaced by waste.

Greed is being hungry for things you want, but eventually becomes what consumes you.
This isn’t just a money issue. It is spiritual as well. Where do we find satisfaction? What fulfills our deepest needs and hopes? The stuff we have around us can overwhelm us, while what we have in our hearts is a source of hope and peace.

An additional blessing of ridding ourselves of burdensome things is that it frees us both to receive greater blessings pertaining to our souls, as well as redirecting our resources to help others.

There are two actions to counter my clutter: spring cleaning and the regular reminder of the blessings I already have—blessings conveniently stored in my heart and soul. Be thankful, especially for the wonderful things that money cannot buy.

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied. Matthew 5:6

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