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Be a Friend

Loneliness builds on itself, deeply limiting satisfaction. Sometimes, lonely people wait for others to come to them to end their loneliness. The truth is that lonely people need to take part in reaching out.

One might well start by choosing good places to be with people. Church is a great choice. Church is based upon the congregation, literally a place to be with others. Find or create a small group, based upon creating friendships in the context of faith. Sunday School classes offer not only teaching, but also a ready-made context of fellowship. Joining a group doing community service offers another base of like-minded fellowship.

Don’t enter a group of people expecting someone to offer to be your new friend. You need to be that person reaching out. Don’t expect immediate friendship. All friendships require time to grow. Just as you are cautious regarding other people, so they may be of you. Given time, you’ll move from just being an acquaintance to being a possible friend.

To be fair, I include a word to those who are not lonely. We tend to overlook new people in a group because we already know each other. We forget how hard it can be to be the newest person in a group.

Still, if you are lonely, you’ll need to make an effort to reach out. Others don’t know you, so they cannot possibly know your needs. As they get to know you, doors can open.

Better is a neighbor who is near
than a brother who is far away. Proverbs 27:10b

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