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Good News

Many people treat their faith as a very private thing. Certainly, faith is very personal. It’s not something we’d speak of glibly or offhand. Yet some Christians speak so rarely about it that it is truly hidden from others.

Christian faith is a missionary faith. Today, missionaries are thought of almost exclusively as professionals, laboring in countries other than ours. But Christian faith began with every Christian a missionary.

I am a Christian largely because of my parents. But there are a handful of people who, outside my family, had an even greater influence, leading me deeper into faith. A church doesn’t do this. Christians do.

Think about your circle of friends—particularly those who’ve never been a part of the Church. Starting a conversation is easy: “Have you ever really thought about God?” “Do you know that Jesus said he is the way to God?”

Gospel means “Good News.” Why would anyone withhold good news for someone they cared about? Even if you are sure your words are too weak, they’ll open the door to a conversation that you can start. If you need help, there are thousands of other Christians around whom you can invite into the conversation. The point for you is to open the door for someone you love. And one of the best ways I’ve ever seen is to had someone a copy of the Gospel of Luke. Anyone can do this: Try it!

“…but the word of the Lord remains forever.” And this word is the good news that was preached to you. 1 Peter 1:25

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