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A Balanced Diet

Good nutrition is required to keep us healthy and strong. The best diet is to eat good food, cutting back junk food at a gradual pace until you are used to better food. You’re more likely then to be stronger and healthier. Our hearts and minds need nutritious input, as well as our bodies. 

We live in an age when we seem to have a force-fed diet of all kinds of information—good and bad—from TV, radio and other kids of media. The past year or so has been rife with anger and extreme confrontations over politics. Regular schedules of 24-hour-a-day news networks can overload our senses, feeding anxiety. Sometimes it is wise to limit the constant input of controversy and alarm.

Think of thoughtfully structuring your intake, just as you would seek more nutritional food for your body. Your spirit needs strengthening even as your body needs it. Time spent in emotional or spiritual retreat can give restoration and balance to our souls 

There’s nothing wrong with holding strong views. But life is more than strong positions. It needs to be filled with grace as well. Its not about avoiding the harsh realities around us. It is about balance.

I’d recommend quality time with the nutritious values of prayer and careful study of God’s Word. These are positive, healing things that we need now more than ever.

You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you. Isaiah 26:3

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