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Our culture seems obsessed with beauty, but it’s short-lived. Few actresses maintain stardom into middle age, fewer still beyond that. In marked contrast, the Bible honors long-lasting beauty, following the Hebrew ideal of transcendence more than appearance; permanence rather than passing. 

The Old Testament Hebrew word for beauty is hadar. It also means the power of life, the determination to live in spite of hard times. It is the “yes” of the victory of life over death, the promise of eternity.

The word hadar, though, not only means “beauty”, but also can be translated as “old face.” What lasts is what’s biblically beautiful. Consider these examples of what is biblically beautiful:

– The love of a long-married couple. 

– Being true to an old friend.

– Keeping the faith for a lifetime. 

– Memories. 

– Holy ancient principles. 

– Eternity.

Our culture worships youth, which is lost in just two decades. Unlike our culture, God doesn’t dismiss what has aged. Thank God that He values  not so much what is transitory, but what endures. More than that, God’s love itself is eternal, a blessing we will enjoy today, tomorrow, and in heaven. 

If you’re far along in years, may God honor and bless you. If you are young, enjoy this season, but strive for age and maturity. It is a reward, not a sentence.

Oh give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; for his steadfast love endures forever! 1 Chronicles 16:34

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