By On April 17th, 2018

Fuel Up

Most of us know that when we feel dull or weak it may well be time to fuel up. The fuel depends on the weakness. If we are physically weak we need things like food, medicine, or rest. If we put them off for too long we’re in real danger of collapse. 

The same can be said if we feel spiritually or emotionally stressed. What is needed is best known to the sufferer. There are, though, some general ideas we can apply. I don’t find that it helps too much to go out to find something new and trendy from the bookstore. It’s perhaps better to think for a few moments about what you’ve read, watched, or heard that has lifted your spirit in the past. Dig it out and have a reunion with what you know has strengthened you.

Familiar scripture passages are a powerful primary resource. Perhaps you also have a book that was so good that you underlined lots of what was written. There could even be uplifting resources from something you’ve listened to or seen in a movie or on TV. 

I haven’t made a formal list, but I know exactly what music, which verses, which inspiring film or program will touch my heart and my mind. Such things don’t cure my problems. What they actually do is strengthen me or calm me so I can better face the problem or issue that’s wearing me down. Keep a mental list of all these things—better yet, write them down. You might need the fuel someday. 

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