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What God Wants for You

Scriptures teach that God blesses those who seek Him. The nature of that blessing is according to what the Lord desires us to have. It can be in the form of spiritual insight. Sometimes it is in the form of peace when all around us is chaotic. Whatever God determines the need is also determines the blessing.

Some people teach that we can believe in the blessing we want and God will grant it.  My experience doesn’t support this idea, and neither does Scripture. God is Sovereign and He exercises his will and blessings in accordance with what He wants.

When I was a young man what I wanted from God was money and fame. What God gave me were enough resources to live out His will for me, and a sense of peace and blessing with what He has enabled me to do.

I learned this attitude when God completely blocked the way I wanted to go and pointed to something I’d rather have avoided. By simple obedience, God opened for me a life I never imagined could give as much joy and blessing that I experienced. No amount of money or fame would have been better that what He gave me.

Regardless of your age or situation, what God wants for you will be a blessing. Talk with your pastor or Christian friends. Read scriptures for insight. Prayerfully seek the next step in life. God desires to bless you and make you a blessing—His way, not necessarily ours.

Psalm 77:2a In the day of my trouble I seek the Lord.

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