By On March 14th, 2018


by Rev. Tom Gray

We are created to be with people. While we can all use some time alone, we are made to be with others. When we are alone for too long, we lose some of our emotional sense of balance.

It isn’t sufficient to be online with others. Online we can hide our emotions. They cannot see if our smile is strained, or if we are showing signs of physical decline. The telephone is a step in the right direction as our voice is part of how we project our well being. We also benefit socially and spiritually from hearing someone else’s voice.

But nothing can really compensate for face-to-face time with someone we care for and who also cares for us. We can see if another person is doing poorly. We can sense and see if someone else is suffering, even if they’re trying to cover it up.

The Bible says “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” Matthew 18:20. This points to the importance of Christian community. When we are in fellowship with others, particularly when we are meeting as believers, the powerful presence of God adds a blessing to that time.

You may be home alone. Perhaps you are sitting at a desk near many people, but feeling alone. I know this can be hard but take the initiative. Ask someone to sit with you over coffee. Ask a friend out to lunch. Go to a movie with a friend. You’ll be blessed, and they will, too.

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