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Decisions Decisions

by Rev. Tom Gray

When you examine your life, do you see a lot of bad decisions and suffering from the consequences? It might be that you’re making decisions by feelings more than fact.

Looking back on my own life, I can see the times when impulse ruled over facts in my decisions. I remember buying a car that I just had to have. I could afford it. It was pretty, it was hot, and it was painted a racy yellow. So I bought it that day. No one stopped to remind me that yellow is the color of lemons.

Feelings can be helpful, even important, depending on the circumstances. But they lack something. Feelings aren’t objective, so gut feelings can lead to poor decisions. I’ve found that most of the regrets I have in my life came from acting on impulse.

Feelings may sometimes be accurate, but they’re not the gold standard for making decisions. If you feel that you must make a decision immediately, that may well be feelings leading you over facts, and a sign that you need to stop and consider what you should do.

Take a moment. Think. Let it lie for a while. Later, examine your thoughts and feelings. For believers, we have the additional discipline of prayer. Talk to the Lord about the decision you face. Take a day or so, and then make your decision.

Feelings are better as the result of an action, rather than leading us into action.

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