By On January 23rd, 2018

Spiritual Medicine

by Rev. Tom Gray

“You are what you eat.” If you’re suddenly weighing 10 or 20 more pounds than when you last checked, it probably means you’ve been over-eating. So, you have a solution for the problem: change your eating habits.

This can apply to other problems in our lives. Anger, fear, hopelessness, and so much more can be started, or made worse, by what we are taking in. We overfeed watching TV, listening to the radio, reading books and news magazines or newspapers.  While it’s important to know what is happening in our world, we can overdo it.  Sometimes their content works away inside us, stoking up rational, and even irrational, fears.

If we sense that something is eating away at us, disturbing our peace, we can choose to limit what we take in and improve, at least in part, how we are feeling. This isn’t a cure, but it can save us a lot of emotional pain and struggle. If you’re fighting nausea, it’s not a good idea to overeat. Backing away from the table won’t necessarily stop the discomfort, but you’ll not be adding anything to it.

There are things that are like emotional or spiritual medicine. Things such as scripture, prayer, listening to your favorite music, or simply visiting with a good friend can really help. Take a slow walk, enjoy the sights and sounds that add music and beauty to God’s creation.

Listen to your mind and body. They send warning signals through our emotions and bodily functions. Alter what you’ve been taking in and just see if you feel some calm within.

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