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Talking to God

by Rev. Tom Gray


Prayer is talking to God. When we first learn to pray, it’s more like working out a laundry list of our needs and desires. There’s nothing wrong with this. When we’re little children, much of our conversation focuses on what we need. As we grow, our talking matures into sharing.

What do we have to share with God? If you’re a parent, you know the point when your children grow into mature conversations as they move from reacting to sharing deeper things of their lives. So it is with praying.

If you’re not used to praying, start by simply talking to God as you would to someone across the table from you. Share your questions, your feelings, and your hopes. It will take some time for this maturing type of prayer to become a comfortable conversation with God. After all, who are we to talk to God? Well, God initially talks to us, and we can start there. The conversation God initiated with us is in Scripture. A good way to grow in prayer is to use Scripture.

Scripture is the other side of the conversation started in prayer and the Lord truly can speak to you through the Bible.

You can actually “pray” the Psalms, for instance. In fact, this is what David was doing as he wrote many of them. A couple of suggestions are parts of Psalms 3, 5, 9, 24, and many more. As with most things, you grow through exercise. Pray whatever is on your heart or in your mind. God will hear you

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