By On September 27th, 2017

True Wealth

by Rev. Tom Gray

I bet you’ve wished for great wealth at some time in your life. I have, particularly when I was younger. That wish can never be fulfilled. I’ve retired on an income I would have drooled over as a young man, but it’s moderate today. There’s no top-end to hungering after money, and lots of worry and despair while you go after it.

We are all so much better off if we strive to become spiritually wealthy. Spiritual growth is exponential, and it can never be taken away.

I had an elderly missionary friend who had been in a long coma. I asked her what it was like, and she said: “I was locked in my body with my memories. I was in there quoting great scripture verses, singing hymns, and being filled with love.” I’ve often thought of the great wealth she had with her, no matter what. Imagine if all she had in memory were horror movies, trite stories, and anger at what she didn’t have.


“Whoever loves money never has enough;

whoever loves wealth is never satisfied with their income….Wisdom is a shelter

as money is a shelter, but the advantage of knowledge is this:

Wisdom preserves those who have it.” Ecclesiastes 5:10, 12


Money is absolutely necessary, and I hope you have funds adequate to your need. I also hope that you have or will focus your inner life on deeper things. Read the Bible and memorize parts, if you can. Pray. Read other good books. Treasure family and friends. The One who made you will lead you to what is best.

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