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The Protection of God for You and Your Loved Ones

Author: Rev Lydia D’Ross, Renewal Outreach Chaplin at Brookhaven Hospital, Tulsa OK

Scripture: Psalms 91

How thankful we are that we are under God’s protection. 2 Timothy 1:7 says “God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” Psalms 91 are promises and blessings of God’s protective presence. For centuries people employed in the military, law enforcement and fire control, start their days by saying Psalm 91 in prayer. Today, one could argue that it has become political agenda to dismiss this important prayer for our lives and our country.

We are encouraged to pray Psalms 91 on a daily basis for ourselves, prayerfully covering our family members prior to leaving their home or going to work. We need God’s protection and peace today.

As we pray Psalms 91 every day, we have a sense of peace knowing, that we are under God’s protection. God cares about us and He loves us so much that He only ask of us to spend some time with Him every day and in return, He protects us, guides us and gives us ever lasting peace. There is so much to be studied about Psalms 91, as it is has been a prayer of choice through many difficult times.

It is also comforting to read Psalms 91 before going to bed for those who struggle with sleep or who don’t live in a safe community. I especially like the part where it states that angels encamp around us to protect us.



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Rev. Lydia D’Ross is an ordained and licensed minister and is the Renewal Program Outreach Chaplain for Brookhaven Hospital. For more information about our Renewal Program, our website page is: http://www.renewalchristiancare.com

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