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BLOG: Mental Health Recovery During Summer

Author: Rev Lydia D’Ross, Brookhaven Hospital, Renewal Program Outreach Chaplain

We need to be watchful over the summer to ensure we are taking care of ourselves. Peter Zafirides, a psychiatrist in Ohio, said he has noticed a common mental health issue for children and adults students during the summer. Rheyanne Weaver says “many evaluate whether they should still take their medication for Attention Deficit Disorder” (ADHD)” to prevent further problems.

As summer goes on, we want to be sure that a routine schedule is maintained for children who are and are not receiving mental health services.

We must also remember to enjoy our summer so that the level of stress is reduced in our workplace and home environment. We must

be aware that depression can be more visible at this time of year that may have been unnoticed during school year because of hectic schedules.

Kids do great at summer camps because they are having fun and relaxing. As adults, we too must take time and enjoy being with our children and increase our communication time with them.

For college students, internship is a great idea to stay focus, learn new things and get ahead of the game in your career path.

When we have nothing to do, symptoms of depression begin to occur. We will eat more, sleep more and we won’t exercise. Exercise early in the morning will give us energy throughout the day and our day goes better because we become more organized.

Remember to watchful of your friends and neighbors as the summer days are coming and heat exhaustion can contribute to more physical and mental problems.

Stay connected and enjoy your summer by creating new memories with your love ones!

Brookhaven Hospital Renewal Christian Care program is here to serve you, to help you recognize symptoms of behaviors that may be need to be address by professional counseling.

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