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Devotional: Alignment with Heaven

Author: Rev Lydia D’Ross, Renewal Outreach Chaplin at Brookhaven Hospital, Tulsa OK
Mathew 6:10 says ” Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”

Some of us wait until the end of year to make new resolutions for their lives and families. We are half past the year now. It is time for alignment. Just like a car needs its tires rotated and aligned, we too need a spiritual and physical alignment.

June is the month where we need to do that so that the rest of our year comes in alignment. We examine ourselves and see what needs to be aligned, so that the remaining months ahead are not wasted but productive.

My husband said if we have boxes in our house that have not been touch in three months time, it is time to throw them out.

It’s time to examine our hearts and align with heaven. Time in prayer is critical in these next few months. We need to hear from heaven. But if we are cluttered with things and malign ourselves, we won’t be able to hear from God and we miss out on His blessings for the rest of the year.

Search in your heart to see what needs to aligned. God is about to visit your house!

If you are struggling and need help, call us. We are here for you!


Rev. Lydia D’Ross is an ordained and licensed minister and is the Renewal Program Outreach Chaplain for Brookhaven Hospital. For more information about our Renewal Program, our website page is: http://www.renewalchristiancare.com.

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