By On April 8th, 2017

Moving in His Greatness

Author: Lydia D’Ross, Renewal Outreach Chaplin at Brookhaven Hospital, Tulsa OK

We are moving in God’s greatness!! Faith is the currency of the world that will move you into more of His greatness.

In Genesis chapter 17, God said to Abram, “I will make your name great!…” It was just not for Abram. For God changed his name to Abraham and a change, a shift took place. We are in that moment. God’s children are the seed of Abraham. Therefore we have a legal right to claim our inheritance.

What is stopping us in reaching that place of greatness? Fear!

Fear of the unknown paralyzes us from reaching our potential for greatness. We must have a face off with fear. We must deal with fear once and for all and take dominion over fear. We must take the first step.

You are walking in the greatest days ahead says Dr. Clyde Rivers of “I Change Nations,” so seize the moment!

If you are struggling and need help, call us. We are here for you!


Rev. Lydia D’Ross is an ordained minister and is the Renewal Program Outreach Chaplain for Brookhaven Hospital.

For more information about our Renewal Program, our website page is: http://www.renewalchristiancare.com.

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