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Overcoming the Odds

Written by Lydia D’Ross, Ordained Minister and Outreach Chaplain for RENEWAL at Brookhaven Hospital

“Money is the cause of so many grievances. The Number one reason for divorce in America is because of finances,” said Angela Alexander author of Subject to Change.

When our finances are not properly managed, it keeps people in a negative status.  Alexander further said, “that the motive behind many crimes show ties into money.”  In marriages, it is either both spouses working and not having any time for each other; one spouse is working or both unemployed due to economic work related stress.

Money and Marriage Aren’t Everything, said the author of the book, Farnoosh Torabi. Discussing money management with a financial counselor is much better than discussing divorce plans with a lawyer. It is one of those topics that people do not like to talk about before getting married. It is important, however, and an obstacle that can be overcome without shame or blame. Communicating effectively about money shows one’s character of responsibility and accountability towards one another.

Overcoming the odds of financial stress in the family is about trust, budgeting, doing what you can with what you have and building from there. Torabi says in her book “Money and Marriage Aren’t Everything that the struggles of financial burdens “…don’t stem from navigating the logistics of managing money, but rather the mental game and emotional forces at play than the coordination of who pays for what and how to make sense of of the dollar signs.”

When it comes to understanding the psychological impact of lack and debt, we must do everything we can to minimize these stressors’ impact on our daily lives. We can overcome by recognizing these symptoms ahead of time, just as you would when you recognize flu-like symptoms. We prepare our finances ahead, plan ahead, plan for emergencies and overcome unexpected financial impact.  The most important element is to pray for strength, wisdom and come out of your comfort zone to seek help.

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