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For Better or Worse: Investing in Your Marriage


We all want to a have a fairytale marriage with a house and a white picket fence. When engaged couples say their wedding vows “for better or for worse”, not many seem to take that vow seriously.  Are we expected to have a perfect marriage because we practice the Christian faith?  Shaunti Feldhahn says in her book, The Surprising Secrets of Highly Happy Marriages, 53% of Very Happy Couples report that “God is at the center of our marriage.”  She further said that 30% disagree that “God is at the center of our marriage.”  It may seem that if we put God at the center of our marriage, then we are not focusing sufficiently on our spouses.  I believe that if we seek God for intimacy and fellowship, then we can be unified strongly as husband and wife.

We have to invest in our marriage and make sure that God is in the center of it. But we cannot neglect intimacy in our marriage as we cannot neglect intimacy with God. They are one in the same.

Sun Trust study ( Feb 2015) reported that financial stress is still the leading cause  of divorce and annoying habits is the 2nd highest ranked cause of divorce.  With such a high divorce rate, it seems that the majority of spouses forget about the vow to remain together through good times and bad.

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