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Faith In The Workplace

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Written by Lydia D’Ross, Ordained Minister and Outreach Chaplain for Renewal at Brookhaven Hospital

A recent article on the Huffington Post, “How Chaplains Lean Into The Painful Places” discusses an array of ways in which people serve as chaplains.

We know that the call of a chaplain can take many different forms: to pray for the sick in the hospital, conduct home visits, minister to those in prison as well as working with law enforcement agencies. Chaplains have also played an important role in our military.

We may not think of chaplains in the workplace, but this is another area within which chaplains contribute. For example, since 1984, Marketplace Chaplains of Texas, has had chaplains that minister to employees in the corporate world.  In Oklahoma, we have chaplains serving in the oil industry and within Tribal Affiliations.

There are many states that are expanding chaplaincy services to meet the needs of people in every area possible. This week, the National America Red Cross, launched their new program called, Spiritual Care Disaster Relief. The mission of the Red Cross is to bring together all faiths to serve people in times of distress or trauma.

Tyson, Chick Fil-A, Corporate Chaplains of America, (CCA) are examples of national corporations, which have expanded their spiritual commitment to serve their employees.  There are many rewards of receiving chaplaincy services in the workplace.   Chaplains might assist in debrief sessions in times of corporation downsizing, layoffs and “assist human resource personnel in matters extending beyond the employee” explained CCA.

In 2006, CCA shared that the chaplaincy services provided to the corporations,(has)  “… reduced turnover, increased job satisfaction, decreased tardiness,… improved employee productivity and spendt less money on training.”

Addressing the spiritual needs of your employees is, it seems, a win–win situation.

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