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RENEWAL Devotional: The Door that God Opens for you in 2015


Written by: Lydia D’Ross, Renewal Program Outreach Chaplain and ordained minister

The year of 2015 will bring many opportunities for you, your family, your business and the church.  These doors that appear before us can lead to positive opportunities.  Sometimes these open doors can be deceiving. It may be a great opportunity, but a consequence could be that it takes away time from your family.  Learn to balance your time and spend every possible precious moment with your family. Children grow older every day, and the time you have to spend with them passes quickly.  God has a way of telling us through confirmation of His Word which door to choose.   The only way to know which decision to make is by spending time with Him.  You will be able to hear Him giving you the direction you should take this year.

Through prayer, discernment, and seeking godly counsel, you should be able to tell which open door is truly coming from God.  Talk to a friend or your pastor about these possibilities in your life.  It may not be right for you, and it is okay to say “no.”  If it is truly from the heart of the Father, that same door will open again.  Once the timing is right, it will be a blessing to others.


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