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Is Prescription Drug Addiction Reaching Epidemic Levels Within The Church?

One of the biggest hurdles Christians face in dealing with substance abuse of any kind is shame. This is especially true for the latest addiction epidemic that is gradually overtaking the country.

Joseph Habedank, image courtesy of Daywind Records

Joseph Habedank, image courtesy of Daywind Records

Despite the swiftly growing rates of prescription drug abuse, it is common to feel isolated and ashamed for developing an addiction. Last year more people died from opiate overdose than those who died in car accidents, and yet the very nature of the issue keeps it from being readily visible.

Our churches may seem safe from issues like mental health and addiction, but we all struggle in our own paths and these obstacles are just as prevalent in the pews as they are in the secular world.

One individual who knows this better than most is Dove Award-nominated artist Joseph Habedank. Habedank has seen his own trials and tribulations with prescription drug addiction and he agrees that this form of addiction is potentially at epidemic levels within church. As such, he has committed himself to helping those who are silently suffering from substance abuse in the church.

Habedank discussed his addiction and new dedication to helping those who are struggling with addiction in a recent interview with Christian Post. It provides insight into just how prevalent prescription drug abuse is within the church and how we might think differently about those who struggle with it.

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