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Christians Also Feel Discouragement and Disappointment


Discouragement and disappointment are emotions that weigh down most human beings at one time or another, and Christians are not excluded from this.  Discussed below are four cases from the Bible that show how Christians got their fair share of these emotions.  Hopefully, it will provide you with some inspiration to face whatever discouraging situation you might be facing in your life today.

In the Bible, Job didn’t feel supported by his spouse and friends during his time of suffering and his questioning of God.  He instead felt discouraged as his friends and wife were blaming him for his afflictions.  They thought they were being helpful.  Just like in the case of Job, we sometimes feel that our family and friends fail to understand our painful situations, and, in turn, fail to support us as we would like.  Such a feeling of disappointment may leave us discouraged.

The second case is when Elijah expected that Ahab and Jezebel would go before God and repent their sins. They had witnessed miracles being done on Mount Carmel but still refused to repent.  The two kings were very stubborn, a situation that discouraged Elijah to go on with his ministry according to 1 Kings 19.  We too feel discouraged with life circumstances especially when we pray without ceasing and things fail to change as per our expectations.

According to Lamentations Chapter 3, Jeremiah was facing a lot of discouragement with God, and believed God was against him. He was so angry with him, and he even stopped having hope in him.

Another scenario that showcases discouragement in the Bible is after Jesus was crucified.  Before he rose again from the dead, his disciples felt discouraged because they had hoped that he was the Messiah who was going to save Israel according to Luke 24:21. They harbored a lot of disappointment, at the time, since they felt that Jesus failed to fight for his kingdom.

It is also common to feel discouraged and disappointed with ourselves.  It doesn’t feel good when we fail to live up to our own expectations or someone else’s expectations.  This is seen in the bible when Peter was told by Jesus that he would deny him three times, as seen in Mathew 26:31 and Matthew 74 and 75.  When it finally happened, Peter was discouraged and even depressed to learn that he was not as brave as he thought he was.

As you can see, from Job to Peter, Christians depicted in the Bible suffered from disappointment and discouragement just as we do today.  Check back here for my next blog on helpful tips to handle discouragement.

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