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A Christian Psychologist Offers Insight About The Balance of Prayer and Counseling

When many Christians begin to struggle under the weight of mental health issues, it is common to turn to prayer for answers or help. Some surveys say nearly half of all Christians even believe that prayer is powerful enough to treat mental illness.

Source: Deviantart

Source: Deviantart

There is no question that prayer can offer unquantifiable support to those struggling with mental stresses and mental illness, but when mental health issues reach the point where they are negatively impacting your life it may be time to supplement the prayer with professional support.

Christian Post recently spoke with Dr. Eric L. Johnson, author of Foundations for Soul Care: A Christian Psychology Proposal, and professor of pastoral care at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. In the interview, Johnson suggests that there are times when a “threshold is crossed when… the normal means of grace” are pursued but the ailment remains.

Johnson offers unique insight into the balance between theological means of treatment and the need for professional counseling or mental health support, and the interview helps explore how Christians might think about mental health and illness as a whole.

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