By On March 11th, 2014

How To Address The Emotional and Spiritual Problems Behind Overeating

Our society dismisses the severity of eating disorders of all kinds. Those who struggle with anorexia and those who struggle with overeating struggle with similar mental issues, but the path to health must be very different. To hope to recover from a problem like emotional overeating, you have to address the spiritual and emotional issues that lie at the core of the problem.

As a friend or professional counselor, this can be difficult to do. But, a plan can always make the conversation easier and to help get to the heart of the matter. Rhona Epstein, Psy.D., from the American Association of Christian Counselors recently shared a comprehensive treatment plan which can be useful for professionals or even caring friends hoping to get support for someone they love. If you are struggling to guide someone with emotional overeating issues to a more healthy life, Epstein’s suggestions may be just the key you need.

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