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Can a Blood Test Predict Suicide Risk?

Blood SamplesSuicide is a plague eating away at the foundation of the church and society. Far too many families are impacted by the tragic decision to take one’s life, and far too many people struggle with mood disorders until eventually they succumb. However, in the future we might be able to identify people at high risk for suicide with a simple blood test.

A new study conducted by the Indiana University School of Medicine analyzed blood biomarkers and found that blood tests may be an accurate predictor of possible mood disorders. If this turns out to be true, people with mood disorders will be able to gain an objective diagnosis at much earlier ages, allowing them to find treatment that could potentially save their life.

The study compared blood markers from those who have attempted or successfully committed suicide, according to Christian Post reporter Brittney R. Villalva. The first part of the research examined blood markers of nine male subjects, compared against the researchers’ predicted markers for suicide. The researchers observed the markers were at heightened levels for all of the men. Then, a second group consisting of 42 men with bipolar disorder and 46 men with psychosis was tested. Again, they found the target blood markers for the patients was heightened.

The test did lack a comparison against people who do not indicate suicidal tendencies. As such, the publishing in Molecular Psychiatry does suggest that research on a wider population and those without mood disorders would need to be conducted before there are any conclusive results.

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