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Hear a Young Girls First Hand Account of Finding God Through Mental Illness

God's LightNo amount of education, seminars, empathy, and experience can ever make you fully understand how those dealing with mental health issues actually perceive their own experience, as opposed to the objective behavior we can observe in them or others with their condition.

Patheos sought to correct this by giving us access to the closest we can get inside the mind of someone who has struggled with psychiatric disorders in their series “What’s Your Experience?”

In their latest issue, a young Catholic woman, going by the name W, shared her story of finding God through mental health issues, specifically a condition referred to as “frustration neurosis” where emotions become almost entirely underdeveloped leading to childlike behavior and “hysterical episodes.”

W saw terrible darkness and pain, yet her takeaway from the experience is that the Lord is always present and will always love those who give themselves to him. But, no mental health issue is handled purely through the Lord. W also stresses the need for the counselor right for you. “The counseling world is large, complex, and can be deeply imperfect,” she said, but the path the Lord sent W down brought her closer to him, just as he intends for all of us who go through pain. We hurt so that our joys and triumphs are even brighter in his light.

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