By On July 1st, 2013

Smokers Are Even Less Mentally Healthy Than Non-Smokers

Cigarette being smoked. According to a new Gallup poll, smokers are in worse emotional health than non-smokers and were more likely to suffer from depression, as well as the other chronic health problems associated with tobacco.

Christian Today says the poll asked more than 83,000 participants if they experienced “during a lot of the day yesterday” smiling or laughter, learning or doing something interesting, being treated with respect, enjoyment, happiness, worry, sadness, anger, stress, and depression.

Half of smokers reported feeling stressed compared to a little over a third of non-smokers, while forty percent of smokers said they experienced worry opposed to 28% of non-smokers. In every negative category smokers rated higher than non-smokers. Even more non-smokers reported learning something the day before than the smokers.

Another Gallup poll said that nine out of every 10 smokers regret ever starting to smoke.

It is unclear whether these people turn to smoking out of stress and other negative emotions or whether smoking compounds these issues, but it is clear it certainly isn’t the stress reliever smokers make it out to be. If your physical health isn’t enough to keep you from smoking or want to try to quit again, maybe your mental health is.

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